The Dongler­™ - Adapter Rings

The Dongler™ is the first true universal HDMI® dongle adapter ring holder. The Dongler’s innovative and patent pending design easily and securely connects various mobile devices to projectors, video walls, TV’s & monitors. The Dongler™ is ideal for presenters, trade shows, offices, hotels, churches, gaming and the home.

We developed The Dongler™ to be a true universal HDMI dongle adapter ring holder. No matter the brand or type of pigtail dongle or adapter, all can be quickly and securely attached to The Dongler™.

The Dongler™ comes in two main versions: Loaded and Unloaded

  • The Dongler Loaded - comes preassembled with HDMI dongle adapters in various configurations. Initially we are featuring our ProAV 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Ring.
  • The Dongler Unloaded – build your own Dongle with our Unloaded Dongler. The Dongler Unloaded comes with Dongle Harnesses so you can attach your own pigtail dongles. It also comes with our Adapter Harnesses which are ideal for attaching any type of (non-pigtail) adapters to your Dongler.